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Here are some pictures of the Campaign of Cilicia. Thank you to everyone who offered me the documents that come from their father or grandfather, especially to:
- Andre Dufieux, the eldest son of the eldest son of General Dufieux;
- Pierre Journois, the son of Lieutenant Georges Journois, who was the Deputy Commander Mesnil. He was a young officer in 1920!
- Jacques Canuel, the grandson of Louis Canuel, Soldier, Engineer, called class 19
who allow me to publish their photos.
I have mixed with the photos that belong to my family. One can see Elie alone or with others. In this case, I found my grandfather with a dash of color.

Photos p.2   Photos de Cilicie - 1920

8 - Elie and French soldiers in Cilicia - 1919
Elie and his friends - French soldiers in Cilicia - 1919

Photo 1
Photo Journois.
Mesnil commander, chief of the 2nd Battalion, 412th IR, Captain Fourquet and Captain Mazière, in May 1919 in Laon (Aisne), where the regiment was consolidated and kept ready for the East. The departure date depends on ongoing negotiations.

Photo 2
Photo Journois.
On the beginning of June 1919, the regiment went from Laon to Sorgues, near Avignon.
In the foreground, Commander Mesnil on the station platform at Dijon.

Photos 3 et 4
Photos Journois.
As most of the regiment, Elie joined from Marseille on the Imperator Peter the Great on June 19, 1919. But the boat was not big enough to take everybody. In addition, an outbreak of mumps was reported in the 5th company. So the General Staff of the 2nd Battalion and soldiers who could not be on board June 19, loaded later, traveling to southern Italy to embark in Taranto, Itu on August 15, 1919 . Georges Journois was on the Itu.
Louis Canuel loaded on the Itu on December 31, 1919, with conscripts from the class 19.

Photo 5
Photo Journois.
General Julien Dufieux (1873-1959) commanded the French forces in Cilicia, under the authority of the High Commissioner, General Henri Gouraud.

Photos 6 and 7
6 - Photo Elie.
General view of Mersina on september 1919.
7 - Photo Canuel.
Mersin, Dufieux camp on september 1919.

Mersin (nowadays Içel) is the Cilicia port. Indeed, Adana, the main town, is a few tens of kilometers from the sea, and south of Adana is a swampy plain, where they grow cotton, cereals, fruits and vegetables. In 1919 Mersin was a city of about 40 000 inhabitants. They are more than one million today. The French soldiers landed there. Their first contact with Cilicia!!

Photo 8
Photo Elie.
Elie and his friends, the soldiers of the 6th Company of the 412th IR. The hookah is undoubtedly the symbol of the East. The outfits are light and wear the mark of the 412th IR. The picture probably dates from 1919.

Photo 9
Photo Journois.
Lieutenant Journois on 1919

Photos 10 et 11
Photos Elie.
Elie and a friend.
These two photos were probably taken the same day. They are very damaged. Elie wears the uniform of the Great War. He sent the photo where he is alone to Florentine "Remembrance of Cilicia. 1919. Your friend who love you. Elie" he wrote on the back.
On the photo of two soldiers, Elie is on the right.

Photo 12
Photo Canuel.
Louis Canuel.

Photos 13-14-15
Photos Journois (13-14) and Dufieux (15).
Turkish Fair at Tarsus in September 1919. Photo 15 is not dated and contains no indication of place.

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